While others were taking pictures of themselves next to the usual tourist attractions, I'd be off looking for these guys.   
 Like living things, their street lifespan can last as long as the next big storm or the next poster that covers them.  
 This Torn Poster Series tells a different story than what was originally intended and I have collected them as I have
 travelled around the world.  Bizarre, naturally made collages in a world that hardly notices their existence.
Odessa, Ukraine 10/20 2006                                                             Salerno, Italy 6/13 2010
Odessa 6/20 2006
Salerno 6/13 2010
Naples 9/30 2009
Malaga, Spain  6/1 2010
Malaga Spain  6/1 2010
Curacao  7/12 2009
Bergen, Norway  8/26 2005
Athens, Greece 8/19/2008                                                                10/23/2009
Vigo, Spain                              10/17/2005                     Kusadasi, Turkey  6/10/2010
Salarno, Italy  6/13/2010
Curacao 1/19/2004                                                                            Curacao 1/19/2004
Piraeus, Greece  6/11/2010                                              Piraeus, Greece  6/11/2010
Everything Is Hopeless
Two Moons Over Monaco
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